Meet The Mother Of Balmy Beauty

Hi, I’m Jane...a vintage hair & makeup artist, professional singer, burlesque performer, confidence coach, meditation mentor, aromatherapist, loving but slightly menopausal wife to a man that luckily can cook (cause I can’t), mother to a beautiful teenager daughter, a ‘tween’age boy, an energetic little terrier & more recently creator of Balmy Beauty.

Balmy Beauty was born during lock-down and my morning meditations… I asked myself how I can bring all my skills together to create something which benefits women holistically? The answer hit me like an inspirational lightning bolt and Balmy Beauty was born! A culmination of my journey, my heart-led career path and my experiences to this point.

As someone that has worked in the beauty industry for 10 years, I have tried my fair share of lotions and potions, and have even been paid to promote numerous brands over the years. I have had the pleasure of meeting, working with - and on - many amazing women. Most have been amazed at my age (my friend told me to mention this!)… but to be honest I don’t look my age and the reason is ... wait for it ... fantastic skin care. 

Sure, I have looked after myself - exercise three times a week, eat fairly healthy - but, like every normal person, I like to indulge! My vintage roots / love has always made me value Mother Earth…I look after my psychological, energetic and spiritual health through meditation and homeopathy.  Ever since I remember I have been drawn to things of the past… old wife tales, homepathic remedies, meditation, karma, crystals, clothing, music.... I believe that you become what you put in - or on - your body. Be that the thoughts you think, the food you eat or the creams you use. 

I believe self-care is vital - not a guilty pleasure. To me it’s a necessity to maintain optimum health and vitality, both mentally, spiritually and physically.  When we are able to achieve that we can then give wholeheartedly with vigour. However, being a working mother, I also know it can be challenging to prioritise ourselves over others. But there is no shame in taking time out to pamper yourself so you look and feel rejuvenated. A happy, balanced you means happier people around you. 

This said, I wanted to offer holistic (body, mind, spirit) skincare which gives you radiant, beautiful skin, with psychological, spiritual and physical benefits. This is what I’ve created with Balmy Beauty.

Made with natural, skin-loving, transformative ingredients it includes perfect blends of essential oils which for me are nature’s most potent healing ointments. What I love about essential oils is that they facilitate the healing of wounds on the inside and out being most effective when absorbed through the skin and inhaled.

On top of that I am passionate about the quality of products we put on our skin. My lotions and potions are organic, cruelty free, 100% natural and lovingly handcrafted to order.

I have had some tremendous results with my blends and balms which re-enforces this for me and I am confident after using the products you too will reep the benefits and understand where I am coming from.

Much Love and Light

Jane xxx